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29 May
Candid photo of Kimberleigh Smith smiling

Kimberleigh Smith is so VOCAL

Kimberleigh Smith, our vice president of Policy, Advocacy & Communications, will be the 2015 recipient of the Joe Capestany VOCAL for Justice Award at the ... more
28 May

Mental Health in Vulnerable Communities

Preston Wholley, a therapist at Harlem United, talks about the unique mental health challenges facing our clients and how he helps them navigate those issues. more
21 May

David Lopez started HIV/AIDS work at 15 and is now our associate vice president

David Lopez has been passionate about HIV and AIDS work from a young age. He started working as a volunteer at LYRIC in San Francisco at age 15. Later, he continued ... more
8 May

How a smiling face & a listening ear make all the difference

Arleen came to Harlem United as a temp in 2006. For the past nine years, the front desk on the second floor of 306 Lenox Avenue has slowly become her “home.” ... more
7 May

Race. Jog. Walk. Skip. Shuffle.

Whether you race, jog, walk, skip, or shuffle, we hope you'll do it with us! You are invited to our upcoming community race around Marcus Garvey Park, as part of ... more

How we're going to end AIDS in New York

Today we are making history. It’s the beginning of the end of the HIV epidemic as we know it in New York State. Governor Cuomo endorsed a Blueprint to End ... more