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Hep C 101: Q & A with Harlem United’s Hepatitis C Program Coordinator

In this interview with Brooke Wyatt, Harlem United’s Hepatis C Program Coordinator, she answers important questions  for Harlem United’s staff, clients and our greater community. What is Harlem United doing about Hepatitis C? Our services are expanding by the minute. Harlem United’s current HCV program offers patient navigation and tailored holistic care to help our clients become more reliable and knowledgeable in managing their HCV as well as HIV.  By joining the HCV program, a patient can be seen by our infectious disease specialist, Dr. Vera Antonios, to begin creating their optimized treatment plan. The program also aims to: Provide clients with knowledge about Hepatitis C infection, including: self care education, dispelling misconceptions & providing information about prevention & treatment options Provide a supportive environment for clients: Create opportunity for dialogue, create open venue for expression of needs and create opportunity for follow up Promote Prevention: Alert clients to different Read More…


PrEP 101: Q & A with Harlem United’s Associate Vice President of Policy & Advocacy

Promise of PrEP: A Local Perspective. Video Link: What is PrEP? Let’s Start with the basics: What exactly IS PrEP?  PrEP stands for Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis and is an HIV-prevention method in which people who do not have HIV can take a pill daily to reduce their risk of becoming infected. The treatment named Truvada© contains two of the medications that can be used to treat people who already have HIV. The FDA approved this treatment in July 2012 as PrEP after large-scale clinical trials showed that it was effective. But wait, isn’t there a treatment called PEP? Is it different? There is! PEP stands for post-exposure prophylaxis and can be used in emergencies when you think you have been exposed to HIV. It’s similar in that they are both used as prevention interventions, but one is before and the other is after. Does PrEP Work? Studies have shown that PrEP Read More…


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