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7 Jul

We Have A lot to Celebrate and More Work to Do!

This has been an amazing couple of weeks. Supreme Court decisions and budget and legislative sessions leave us with a lot to celebrate, but there is more work to ... more
30 Jun

Swallow This

Did you know that there is a pill you can take daily to prevent HIV? If you didn’t, you’re not alone. We surveyed 1,347 men who have sex with men in New York ... more
26 Jun

Victories at the Supreme Court!

Victories at the Supreme Court this week mean that millions of Americans can keep their health insurance through the Affordable Care Act and millions more gain the ... more
24 Jun

Pride & Prevention

We talk with David Lopez about the connection between LGBTQ Pride and HIV testing & prevention. It's chock full of interesting stats and important informat... more
10 Jun

What do knitting & the Affordable Care Act have in common? Olga Keber.

Olga Ambert Keber came to Harlem United in 2007 as a social worker. She worked as a case manager at El Faro for three years before she was promoted to Director of ... more
2 Jun

Why run? National Running Day podcast

National Running Day is tomorrow and on this podcast we're talking all about running, fitness, and some upcoming races you can get involved with! Register ... more